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Our parent company Paradise Cruises Goa has been in the boat cruises and event business for 25 years and is active in the fields of water transportation, salvage and underwater services. Because of the extensive knowledge and professional experience over these many years, Paradise Cruises as an established company is able to provide guests with insights into Goa's treasured waterways and marine resources while allowing you to enjoy luxurious boat cruises. They know what they're talking about.

Aside from scenic beaches lining the coast of the Arabian Sea, Goa also has other water bodies like numerous winding rivers and lakes that make for a perfect setting for a leisurely cruise and hence river boat cruises took off in a big way, with Paradise Cruises Goa leading the charge. These boat cruises serve the numbers of tourists that visit Goa, and provide them with entertainment, scenery, an insight into the local culture, food and drink. It is quite literally, Goa in a nutshell.

Our newest venture, the new kid on the block www.GoaBoatParty.com steers away from the hour-long daily entertainment cruises and focuses on tailor-made private boat cruise parties that allow you to enjoy these cruises on your terms in Goa.

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